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2025-11-21 12:39 pm
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Some sort of introductory post.

If you, by some sort of faithful coincidence find yourself here, hello and welcome.

I'm probably going to be using this place as backup for the things I write, no matter how small. I'll also try adding the approximate time I wrote the things I post, just to keep some sorta track.

If you happen to like anything, or want to leave constructive pointers, feel free to hit me up.

Very likely, you'll see me struggling for a while with editing or formatting too. It's been a while since my LJ days.
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2015-11-26 07:34 pm

FSN UBW Drabble

Fandom: Fate/Stay Night (Post-UBW Route)
Characters/Pairing: Shirou/Rin
Date/Time: 5 months ago.
Summary: Shirou and Rin share a tender moment at the rooftop.
AN: This is just pointless fluff with a side of extra sugar, be warned. I don't know what compelled me to write this.
"Hmm, what brought this on, Shirou?" The young man heard the clear voice of the one between his arms right by his ear. 
She was so close to him.
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2015-11-21 12:13 pm

Snippets (1)

Snippet A (No title)
Fandom: Undertale.
Characters: Sans.
Date/Time: 4 days ago.
Context: Sans reflecting on his sad existence.
He cares too much. He cares too little.
He's tired of caring, so he doesn't think about that.
An impossibility when it comes to his own kin. Papyrus is the only one for whom he affords to try just a little bit anymore.

Snippet B (No title)
Fandom: Undertale.
Characters: Papyrus, Sans.
Date/Time: 2 days ago.
Context: In a timeline/reset before Frisk arrived, Sans confesses his griefs to Papyrus.
"Then-" the words seemed to falter on him for a lingering second, but he pressed on, "then I will believe, I will keep hope, for the both of us! I am... very great after all," he wasn't, but he had to put all faith on himself regardless, for his brother's sake and his own, "I'm sure I can do it."
I will shoulder this burden with you. I will keep us afloat; were the implicit words.

Sans stared at him, eyesockets wide, utterly struck.

Note: If inspiration strikes, I might retouch either one of these and expand on them. Who knows.