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FSN UBW Drabble

Fandom: Fate/Stay Night (Post-UBW Route)
Characters/Pairing: Shirou/Rin
Date/Time: 5 months ago.
Summary: Shirou and Rin share a tender moment at the rooftop.
AN: This is just pointless fluff with a side of extra sugar, be warned. I don't know what compelled me to write this.
"Hmm, what brought this on, Shirou?" The young man heard the clear voice of the one between his arms right by his ear. 
She was so close to him.
"Nothing, I just-" he paused, knowing the moment the words left his lips she'd probably...
"You just?" came the inquiry. Her voice sounded intrigued, if slightly amused.
He didn't care then. He pressed on, "I just wanted to hold you. That's all." Feeling the pleasant warm of her presence against his made his heart swell, and the sentiments he felt towards her burned inside his chest with an almost painful tinge. Embracing her closer still, firmer still, he felt like-- "I want to hold you forever."
The instant those words came out, he knew he had dug his grave of shame.
He waited with a burning face. He knew what was coming.
And yet, he felt he didn't care, not that much, not as much as he would have, had he not been holding her, had he not really meant those words fully.
Sure enough, he soon heard a sound of barely contained laughter, which was soon followed with a guffaw.
It really didn't help that he still kept her trapped between his arms, derisive laughter filling his auditory senses right by. But he didn't care. His face was burning, and she'd probably keep making fun of him for the reminder of the week (or the whole month, if she felt like it) but he didn't mind it.
"W-What, you don't have to laugh so much at me, you know?" he finally said, trying to convey as much annoyance as he could, while adding a slight pout she couldn't possibly see.
After regaining a bit of her breath, her cackle now being slowly reduced to giggles, she tried to separate herself from him, if only to take a peek at his face, "S-Sorry, sorry. It's just, that line right now was just so-" her laughter attempted a comeback, but she forced it down. She was still sniggering lightly though,"so incredibly cheesy, Emiya-kun."
"Hmph," he frowned at her, looking right at her eyes "So? I meant it, you know?" he muttered, though clear enough he was sure she'd heard him. His eyes moved downcast and to the side, and from her point of view, her companion now looked almost like a berated child.
She took a deep breath, now completely calming herself, "Sorry, I apologize. That line was extremely cheesy, but I appreciate the sentiment behind it nonetheless."
A smile still adorned her face when he trained his gaze back at her; a suspicious one at that.
He kept frowning.
"Sure, tell me that whenever you don't look like you're still mocking me."
That would mean never, the thought crossed his mind.
She giggled at that a bit, "Hey now, I do meant what I just said, you know?" She took another breath, closing her eyes, reigning back her taunting merriment for good, "Fine," before looking at him again with a serious expression "I do appreciate the sentiment behind it, Emiya-kun." Almost. She couldn't help a slight smile.
But this one was sweet. This one was good. It made his heart flutter.
"Hmm, then," he separated himself from her a bit more, yet still not letting go all together, "As long as I mean it, I can keep saying those kind of cheesy lines to you, right? Like, how I want to always be with you, and stuff..."
He was blushing, and still pouting slightly. But his eyes, observing her so intensely, he couldn't possibly look more serious if he tried.
And yet...
"Hah, was that one just now meant as a joke example?" It was just too easy, a mocking smile crossing her face anew.
He scowled, "No," A resolute answer, "I meant that one as well," she felt his arms that had laxed before enclosing her firmly around the waist, while his serious gaze returned, almost blazing, "I want to be with you, always, Tohsaka."
Silence. After an instant filled with an exchange of intense gazing, she broke into a giggle fit once more, only this time it didn't felt as mocking, and didn't last as long.
"You really like being bossed around, don't you?" Rin looked at him with a bemused expression. After a pause, she added "Well, not like you can really escape anyway seeing as I..." she looked to the side, muttering the last bit under her breath with poorly concealed secrecy, "I already claimed you for myself."
Shirou observed her quizzically for a moment, in complete stillness. His brows furrowed slightly, wondering and being sure of what he heard at equal parts, but not wanting to miss the chance to tease her back a bit, "Sorry, Tohsaka. What... what was that last thing you said again?"
Closing her eyes now with a light blush, "I'm not repeating myself." she declared with as much dignity as she could muster.